The Institute of Behavioral Finance advances the study of the impact of psychology on investor decision-making and market fluctuations for people who accept payday loans with bad credit. Through its major publication, The Journal of Behavioral Finance, and sponsored conferences the Institute is at the forefront of new research in Behavioral Finance. The Institute's research areas include heuristic biases, formation of bubbles, and over-and-under-reaction. The objective of the Institute is to address important new issues in Behavioral Finance by involving interested practitioners and academics in many fields, including economics, finance, psychology, sociology, and neuro-economics. By incorporating the work of leaders in varied disciplines the Institute seeks to find better explanations for investor decision-making and market anomalies that have been noted but not explained for several generations.

The Journal of Behavioral Finance offers penetrating insights into the performance of today's financial markets and is an indispensable resource for academics and practitioners who want to utilize behavioral concepts to understand the "how, what, when and where" of investing.



Volume 12, Number 2, 2011 Titles

Are Investors Rational and Does it Matter? Determining the Expected Utility Function for a Group of Investors
John Livanas - University of New South Wales

Fair Value (U.S. GAAP) and Entity-Specific (IFRS) Measurements for Performance Obligations: The Potential Mitigating Effect of Benchmarks on Earnings Management
Cheri R. Mazza - John F. Welch School of Business, Sacred Heart University
James E. Hunton - Bentley University
Ruth Ann McEwen - Florida International University

Individuals’ Affect-Based Motivations to Invest in Stocks: Beyond Expected Financial Returns and Risks
Jaakko Aspara - Aalto University School of Economics
Henrikki Tikkanen - Aalto University School of Economics

Barron's Red Flags: Do They Actually Work?
Tim Loughran - University of Notre Dame
Bill McDonald - University of Notre Dame

The Role of Expectations in Value and Glamour Stock Returns
Nicholas Magnuson - Brandes Investment Partners-Brandes Institute


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